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High Piled Storage, Fire Code Consulting, It's What We Do

High Piled Storage Permitting

We offer full turnkey services to permit your high piled storage occupancy.  This includes all site visits, design, plans development, and fire marshal inspections including:

  • Site Visits - We visit your site to gather all information required for high piled storage permitting including:
    • Pallet Rack Layout
    • Solid Pileld Storage Layout
    • Commodity Classification
    • Fire Hydrant Distance
    • Firefighter Access Doors
    • Smoke and Heat Vents
    • Fire Sprinkler Design
  • Warehouse Layout and  Design - after consulting your material handling needs we optimize your warehouse design and pallet rack layout based on your commodities, fire sprinkler protection, and building clear height.
  • Plans Development - We provide all of the necessary pages needed for high piled storage submittal including, but not limited to:
    • Fire Code Site Plan
    • Fire Code Review Floor Plan and Elevations
    • Fire Code Review Pages
    • Pallet Rack Capacity Engineered Pages
    • Egress Lighting Engineered Pages
  • Fire Marshal Inspections - We call for all of your needed inspections so that the end result of your project is the delivery of a certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance for High Piled Storage.

Space Planning - Get the True Use of Your Warehouse Space

Why utilize a separate fire protection engineer and material handling specialist when you can fnid both in one  place?  Cato Industrial Group can speed up your deal by offering the following free services to the broker, end user, or both:

  • Our expertise is in material handling and fire protection engineerinng, therefore we understand the terminology used on both fields, and we can bridge the information and terminology gaps that exist.
  • We know immediately what storage heights and configurations will work with the commodities being stored - no more finding out AFTER you have signed the lease.
  • Therefore, we work with the architect, GC, brokers, and design team to assist in laying out the warehouse design with pallet racks so that a full use of the space is obtained, and all parties involved can understand the full scope of work from office space planning to egress and warehouse lighting layouts.  All we ask is the opportunity to bid on the pallet rack system and material handling equipment.
  • We work side by side with everyone so that no time is wasted and no task is duplicated, saving time and money.
  • In the end, the deliverable our fire code consulting team provides is a high piled storage design that works with your warehouse fire protection, ensuring the full use of your pallet racking.

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